Jiang Shanshan

To give you my favorite sentence, those things that make you painful will make you strong!

Li Yanjin

Hey guys! My name is Li Yanjin, I’m a sophomore student in my master’s degree at IOZ. After one year of professional knowledge to learn, I have enjoyed the charm of bioinformatics and cancer genomics. Many genes have unknown or poorly understood functions and interactions, especially in diseases such as cancer where the genome is frequently mutated. My research interests are mainly in cancer evolution and driver genes. I know I have a lot to learn and I will try my best to improve myself and have more exploration.  Beyond that, I love photography, calligraphy, traveling, swimming and so on. In a word, I’m a Chinese girl who loves life and I sincerely hope that we could be good friends.

Chen Tingting

Hey guys! My name’s Chen Tingting. I majored in computational biology and received my degrees of Bachelor in Biological Science and Software Engineering at Sichuan University. My research interests are mainly in tumorigenesis and cancer evolution. Hopefully, one day I could make some contributions to the treatment of cancer. Recently, I’ve developed a strong interest …

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Zhang Xinyi

I’m Zhang Xinyi. I am now a first-year graduate student in the University of Chinese Academy of SCiences, majoring in genomics. I completed my undergraduate thesis here, which is about the evolution of Epstein-Barr Virus.


My name is HanLu, coming from Shaanxi province. I will graduate from Northwest A&F University in 2020, majoring in Plant Protection. I’m very optimistic and easy to get along with. I have some interests in my life, like handwriting, doing exercise, watching movies and so on. Meanwhile, social practice activities also attract me a lot. …

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Liu Yunsong

大家好我叫刘云松,目前研究生2年级。过去一年在翟巍巍老师的指导下学习了很多计算生物学的基础知识,也交识了很多朋友。目前我的研究方向主要围绕病毒的适应性进化展开,前期工作进展比较顺利。希望未来能够再接再厉,在科研上更进一步,同时也祝各位同学学业进展顺利,祝各位老师工作一帆风顺,祝动物所发展越来越好。 Hello, I’m Liu Yunsong. The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart.

He Haopeng

My name is He Haopeng. I’m a grade two doctor student. It is a big challenge for me to transfer my character of my science. During my master degree, I was mainly focus on the symbiotic microorganism of cotton aphids and the micro community differences when the aphid changed their host plants. After a year …

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Li Minhao

Undergraduate student from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (2016 – 2020 ) major in biology.
Now working on the evolution of Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) in East Asia.

Liu Xiaodong

Introduction I am Liu Xiaodong, a student jointly trained by the University of Science and Technology of China and Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. During the undergraduate period, I major in technology relate to fermentation engineering. During the postgraduate study, I changed to study bioinformatics, and currently, I am in the second year …

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