Liu Xiaodong

Graduate Student


2018-now, present. University of science and technology.
2014 – 2018, B.S. Jiangnan University.


I am Liu Xiaodong, a student jointly trained by the University of Science and Technology of China and Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. During the undergraduate period, I major in technology relate to fermentation engineering. During the postgraduate study, I changed to study bioinformatics, and currently, I am in the second year of graduate school. When I was in the first year of graduate school, I mainly attended classes at USTC, and I also learned programming and mathematics myself during this period. After the first year of graduate life, I officially went to Beijing to start my research project. Currently, I am mainly engaged in the research of tumor heterogeneity. I hope to find the causes of DNA and RNA heterogeneity from the process of tumor evolution, and the relationship between tumor heterogeneity and prognosis.