He Haopeng

My name is He Haopeng. I’m a grade two doctor student. It is a big challenge for me to transfer my character of my science. During my master degree, I was mainly focus on the symbiotic microorganism of cotton aphids and the micro community differences when the aphid changed their host plants. After a year experiment and analyses, I found some possible symbiosis that we did not know in aphids before but in other arthropods. Though there were not a very exciting result after my master work, it’s also an interesting experience of my life. And now, I am probably separated from experiment. My daily life is staring at the computer and studying so much knowledge new. It’s a stressful but also a very helpful thing. My current time strategy is that I can follow my mentor and try to control my new project gradually. In this growing progress, I hope I can find some friends who also concentrate on genomic analysis.

I’m studying flying fox now. And I will focus on the house bat in the next project.